Company DNA

Quality: we believe in total-quality. From product to presentation, from sales to customerservice, from order to delivery and invoice, we strive to keep our quality standards at the highest possible level.

Innovation: we believe that innovation is a crucial and vital feature for success. Therefore we constantly bring the latest innovations.

Fashion: we keep track of all the latest fashion trends and developments.

Service: we keep stock in all products which we carry in our extensive collections and are able to deliver our customers all their orders within 24 hours. We even have a special 'Saturday-Delivery-Service' in case our customers are in need of extra goods for the weekend.

Reliability: what we promise, we will do. If we can’t do it, we will tell you.

Flexibility: we think in chances, not in impossibilities. We are always there for our suppliers and customers and will always find a solution in case a problem might pop up.  

Long-term cooperation: if we become partners, we want to keep it that way for many, many years. We are not present in the market for quick profits. We want to build brands in a professional, solid and sound way and this takes time.

Selective distribution: we only cooperate with top-retailers in our markets who really believe in our brands, who are willing to invest in our brands and who have the right ideas about a partnership.

 Reliability flexibility service